Believe the truth of Christmas

Believe the truth of christmasThroughout the corridors of time, an invitation can be distinctly heard; a very personal invitation. Listen closely and you can hear it–not with your ears, but with your heart, not amid the clamor of your surroundings, but within yourself. It’s the invitation of the Savior for all who will hear it, and yet it’s just for you–an invitation to come and behold Him, to come and worship the King, the Redeemer, the Messiah. Invitations require a response. We either acknowledge or ignore, accept or decline. The choice is now yours. Just believe.”
Believe the Truth of Christmas, created by Marty Parks
The invitation to believe the truth of Christmas–that God, in His great love, sent Jesus as Savior, Redeemer, Messiah, Prince of Peace, the promised one who would make all things new, and yet a baby–was given in song yesterday. It’s easy to sit in a comfortable seat and tap a foot and enjoy the music. It’s much harder to understand the incredible love of the truth. Emmanuel, God in the flesh, when arriving in His creation didn’t come with lightening and thunder but with the cry of a newborn baby. The King of all creation made himself completely helpless, completely dependent upon the care of young peasant couple. He who had never known want or discomfort, who had never been cold or hungry or tired was suddenly all those things. Like any other baby, he had messy diapers, spit up, cut teeth and got his days and nights mixed up. We can’t even begin to imagine the abrupt departure from everything he knew so he could be one of us and show us the way.
We can’t imagine it, but we can accept it. We can believe the truth of His love even if we don’t understand it. And that belief will change everything. 
Do you believe? 
Rev. Sarah Fotopulos, Associate Pastor