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Stephen Ministers are trained to provide confidential care to the hurting.  Let them care for you in tough times.

    * Loss of a loved one                                      
    * Health issues                                               
    * Divorce or separation                                    
    * Unemployment or job crisis
    * Spiritual crisis
    * A chronic illness
    * Loneliness or discouragement
    * Relocation 

The Stephen Ministry Process

When someone requests a Stephen Minister, one of our Stephen Leaders meets with the person, explains Stephen Ministry care, and helps determine whether Stephen Ministry is the kind of care that person needs. The Stephen Leader then matches the person with one of our available Stephen Ministers.

The Stephen Minister will then contact the person and begin meeting with him or her for around an hour each week as long as the need is there. Men are always matched with male Stephen Ministers, and women with female Stephen Ministers. Everything a care receiver says to his or her Stephen Minister is kept confidential. Stephen Ministers don’t try to solve problems; rather, he or she listens, cares, prays, and helps the care receiver find his or her path to healing and wholeness. 

Learn more about Stephen Ministry here.


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